PlayStation - How to Add A Friend To Friend's List And Send An Invite

To add a friend, open the PlayStation home screen by pressing the PlayStation logo button on the bottom middle of the controller, between the two sticks. 

Use the left stick to go up to the friend’s tab and press X.  

This will take you to the “FRIENDS” Screen. Move to the “SEARCH” box and press X.  

(:21) This will bring up a keyboard where you enter the “Online ID” of the player you wish to add to your “FRIENDS”.  

(:30) Once you have found the player’s Online ID, press the right trigger and move to their name. Press “X” again on the “Send Fried Request” button, which is shaped like a smiling face. This will bring up the “Send Friend Request” confirmation screen.   

(:50) The final step is to press “X” on the “Send” box to complete the process.   

Now your friend only has to accept your request.   

Good Luck!