Twitch PlayStation - Setting Up Your Account

On the PlayStation home screen, press the share button on your PlayStation Controller. This button is to the left of the touchpad. This will bring up the “Share” menu. 

Using the left stick, move down to the “Sharing and Broadcast Settings” box, and press the X button. This will bring up the “Sharing and Broadcasts” menu. 

(:20) Using the left stick, move to “Link with Other Services”, and press the X button. Move down to the “Twitch” purple logo and press X.  

This brings up the “Link your Account to Twitch” screen, to pair your existing Twitch account to your PlayStation. Select the “Sign in” box, by pressing X, to complete the pairing process. 

(:45) The next screen provides instructions on two options to pair your account using your mobile device or computer.   1. Type in the website link provided   Or 2. Scan the QR code to be automatically taken to the Twitch “Activate Your Device” website.  Input the eight-character code to finish linking your accounts. Once this is completed, go back to your PlayStation.  

(1:11) Your PlayStation should display “Your account is now linked to Twitch”. To finish the process, select the “OK” box and press X.  That is all there is to it, you are now set up to broadcast on Twitch.