Rival - How To Use The Game Page & Manual Scoring


There have been many functionality and feature improvements made to the Rival platform over the years, but this original video is still representative of how to manually enter your match scores. Rival keeps this video up for sentimental reasons, as it was the first one that was made. 

While Rival is able to auto-detect and post your scores in real-time for many game titles, there are games that require you to interact with the Rival App before and after your game. 


In order to show ALL of the possible manual interactions that may be required on the Rival Platform, we will simulate a FIFA game on PlayStation in which both players are not broadcasting their streams. 


(:25) This video will show you both player's screens at once.  You will see Player1’s actions on the large screen view of the Rival App on the left side of this video, on the right side of this video is player2’s small screen or mobile view of the Rival App.  The steps and functionality on the Rival App are the same for all screen sizes. 


Before playing FIFA on PlayStation, both Rival players will be required to perform the following steps.  Login to the Rival App. Upon logging in, all players will arrive on their Rival Dashboard.  From here you can navigate to your next game or to your next activity. 


(:58) When a player first enters the “Game Screen”, their custom Rival instructions will appear in a pop-up. The first instruction screen contains all the information required:  your opponent’s Gamertag, who is the Home Team, and what game setting should be used during the game setup.


You can click through each page for step by step instructions or close the instructions at any time.  If you need to see them again, just click “INSTRUCTIONS”.


(1:23) There is a player to player chat feature for each Rival game. Allowing you to communicate with your opponent before, during, or after your game. 


After you finish each game, you should always take a picture of your game’s final score screen just in case there is a disagreement with your opponent over the final score.  If that happens, you will then be able to upload your photo inside the Rival App as proof. 


(1:53) When you have finished your FIFA game on your PlayStation, click the “ENTER FINAL SCORE” button inside the Rival App to enter the final score of your game.  


After both players have submitted their scores your gameplay is complete.  An automated Rival pop up will appear notifying you the results.  That is all there is to it!


(2:26) In the rare instance that you and your opponent enter different final scores, the Rival Verification and Challenge process will be initiated.  Please watch that video for step by step instructions on how to proceed through the score verification and Challenge process.  


Good Luck!