Rival Score Verification and Challenge Process


In the rare event that you and your opponent submit different final scores, Rival will automatically generate a “Final Score Mismatch” notification on your Rival screen.  


Click the “Verify” button to review and make sure you entered the game’s final score correctly.  Your score will always be first and your opponents will be displayed next on the right. 


(:22) If you accidentally submitted the wrong score, you can fix it now.  


If you agree with your opponent’s submitted score, just select it and click “confirm”.  

If you prefer, you can enter the correct final score in the “Your Score” boxes and click “Confirm”.  


If you and your opponent’s final score entries now match, the process is complete.  


(:44) However, if they still don’t match.  You can chat with your opponent and ask them to correct their score.  If that does not work either, once the two-minute “Enter Your Final Scores” countdown expires clock expires, the “Challenge Final Score” screen will appear.


(1:03) In order to submit a challenge, a player must upload the picture they took of their game’s final score screen.  The picture must show the game’s final score to be considered by the Rival moderator.  If you upload a picture of your something else, like your pet rock, instead of the final score screen, you will automatically lose the challenge. 


Please be careful and make sure you enter your game's final score correctly.  There is no reason for two player’s final score entries not to match.  Please note that Rival tracks each player’s challenge submissions and results; Rival will suspend or terminate a player’s Rival account for repeated incorrect score entries. 


(1:43) Each event or tournament may have specific rules that govern their Challenge Process, if they do not, the Challenge Process will be governed by Rival’s standard Challenge Rules.


A Rival moderator will determine the winner and each player will be notified of the final game results via a pop-up on their Rival screen as well as an in-app notification.  The final moderated score will be displayed on the game screen, as well as listed on each player’s Rival dashboard as the “LAST GAME” played.  


Good luck!