How to Check In For A Tournament & How A Waitlist Works


Many Rival Tournaments require you to check in on the day of the tournament.  The Check in window usually opens an hour or so before the Tournament’s start time and ends when the Tournament starts. The exact check in window for each tournament is in the Schedule Box on the Tournament’s overview page.  The purpose of check in is to eliminate as many no-shows as possible and improve the overall experience for everyone in the Tournament.  


The “CHECK IN” button will only appear when the check in period starts.  To Check in for a Tournament, simply go to your Tournament’s main page during the Check-in window period and click on the “CHECK IN” button.  




After you have checked in, you see a green status circle on the ”Players” or "Teams" tab indicating you are checked in and will be placed in the bracket when the tournament starts.  Any player or team that registered for the Tournament but fails to click the "CHECK IN" button during the check in period will be automatically removed and is not eligible to participate in the Tournament.  


For Teams events, the team's Captain is the ONLY ONE that can and has to check in.  When the team Captain checks in, the entire team is automatically checked in also.  The check in button has a countdown clock showing time left until check in window closes.  There is only one check in for an entire tournament or event.  

Some events have a "Waiting List", where more people are allowed to register to play than there will be actual spots to play in the tournament bracket.  The Rival waitlist feature operates like an Airline waitlist.  If the tournament bracket is limited to 32 players or teams, the 33rd person that signs up need a spot to open up for them to be in the first 32 that will play.  If a team before your position in order "unregisters", you move up a position. 


For Check-in required tournaments, any person or team FAILS to check in on time is removed. Their open spot is filled by the next team in line that HAS checked in.  Even if you are 20th on the waitlist, and none of the players or teams in front of your position clicked the "CHECK IN" button before the tournament starts, you will be put in the tournament for the first open spot.  Only checked in players are eligible for spots that open by others failing to check in on time.