FIFA21 PlayStation  - Inviting An Opponent To Play

From the FIFA 21 “Home”, use your right bumper to navigate to the ”ONLINE” menu option. Move down and over to the “ONLINE FRIENDLIES” box and press the “X” button. 

(:14) From the “ONLINE FRIENDLIES” page, press “X” to select the “NEW FRIENDLY SEASON” box. This brings up the “FRIENDS” page. Find and select your opponent’s “Online Id”. If your opponent’s “Online Id” is not already there, you will need to add it.  

(:28) Once you select your opponent, you are brought to the “ONLINE FRIENDLIES” invite page to customize your game settings: Half Length (2 min-20 min), Controls (Any, Manual, Semi-Assisted), Game Speed (Normal, Fast, Slow), and Squad Type (Online, 90 Overall, Custom). Match these settings to the tournament's game settings provided. 

(:45) Once the settings are matched, press “X” on the “INVITE” box. The “Invite Players” screen pops up with the invitation details.  Click on “Send Invitation”. Your opponent has been invited and it is now time for you to select your team. 

(1:03) Cycle through the available teams with the left stick, pick your team, and press “X” to select. After both players have selected their team, the jersey select menu will appear. Use the left stick to cycle through jerseys, and press “X” on your jersey of choice. This will take you to the pregame screen, where you will be able to change any game settings and ready up. 

Once you and your opponent have confirmed that you are both ready, your match will begin.

Good luck! 

PS4 Console Steps:  Online Friendlies -> New Friendly Season -> Select Rival Opponent -> Mirror Rival Game Settings -> Invite Opponent -> Select Team -> Select Jersey-> Customize Optional Settings -> Ready -> Match Starts