FIFA 21 PlayStation - Accepting an Invite To Play


When you receive an invite to play FIFA 21, you will receive a notification along the top left of your screen stating, “You received an invitation”.

Press the PlayStation logo button on your controller to be taken to the “Invitation” screen. To accept the match invite, click on the “Join” box on the bottom left of the screen. 

(:25) Next is the Team Selection Screen. Cycle through available teams using the left stick. Pick your team by pressing “X” on your team of choice. After your opponent has made their team selection as well, you will be taken to the jersey select screen. 

(:44) Use the left stick to cycle through jersey options, and press “X” to select your jersey of choice.

From the “MATCH PREVIEW” screen, you can customize “TEAM MANAGEMENT” and “CONTROLLER SETTINGS'' 

Once you are done, press ”X” on ''PLAY MATCH”.

When your opponent is ready, the game will automatically start. 

Good Luck!