Rival Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

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Do I still play my game on my game console?

Yes, All games are played on your game console (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC, etc.) online. Depending on the game title, you may be playing individually for scores, a 1v1 match, a Team v Team, a Battle Royal, etc.  You must have the game on your console and an active online account (PS Plus, Xbox Live, Activision ID, etc.) if the game title you are playing requires it to compete.  You invite and accept invites to play with an opponent through your game console just as you would play any online game.

How to use the Rival Website and for What: 

Once you sign up for a Rival account, you are able to join Tournaments and Leagues.  When your event starts, Rival generates the brackets and matchups for your upcoming game.  Your opponent and their gamertag, team name, or team Captain’s information is provided on your Rival Game Page. This page contains all the information needed to either invite or accept an invite to play with your Rival opponent.  

There is also a chat box on your Rival Game page that may be used for communicating directly with your opponent if a username, password, or key word is required for your specific game title.   See How To Use Rival section in support.rivalgames.com for more detailed information.


How do I find my Rival Match/Game page?  

When your tournament or next match starts, you will see a pop up right in the middle of your Rival screen, and a grey "my events" banner will appear along the bottom of your Rival Screen.  You can click on either to be taken right to your Rival Game Page. If using the grey "my events" bar, click on your tournament tile and it will take you right to your page with your opponent.

You can also see your match in the BRACKET tab, click on your bracket to go to your Game Page. Here you see your opponent’s information and chat box. This is also where you enter your score when the game or is completed.   

Do I have to stream on Twitch?  

That depends on the tournament's rules.  Please read them to determine if eligibility requires streaming your games.  Please do stream whenever possible, it helps Rival help you and all your friends can watch your games.   

Where do I find the Rival instructions and support pages?

General Support Area: https://support.rivalgames.com

Here you will find both videos and written instructions on how to use the Rival platform as well as how-to videos for specific game titles (Send & Accept Invites, Find Missed Invites, Use Rival Website, etc.)



What does the Tournament start date & time mean?

The date & time is when the event starts. The tournament brackets are created and randomized approximately 15 seconds after the event start time.  

What does the Registration start & end time mean?

The date & time when the registration window for an Event starts and the “REGISTER” button appears on the Tournament or Event Overview page.  The “REGISTER” button allows players to register to play in the tournament.  Once joined, the player’s gamertag will appear in the Player tab with any all other players that have signed up to play. The Registration End is the date & time the registration window ends for the Event and the “REGISTER” button is removed. The Registration End time can be the same time as the Tournament Start time allowing the player to register right up to the start of the tournament.  Registration may also be set to any date and time before the Tournament Start time if so desired.   


What is the Check-in start & end Time?

When an event requires the players to Check-in, there is a Check-in window that usually starts an hour before the Events Start time.  All players must click on the “Check-in” button during the check-in time window prior to the start of the Event to be eligible to play in the Event. 


Any player that does NOT click the “CHECK IN” button on the tournament overview page prior to the start of the tournament will be automatically removed from the Tournament and not placed in a bracket.  Only players that have checked-in will be allowed to participate in the event. The purpose of Check-in is to minimize the number of players that register for a Tournament but do not show up to play.  No-shows create forfeits and detract from players that are on time and ready to play. 

When do I need to be ready to play in an event for which I registered?

All players should make sure to Check-in during the Check-in window if required.  At least five minutes before the Tournament start time, please log in to Rival and go to the Rival Tournament screen.  On your console, start broadcasting your Twitch stream, have your console game loaded, and displaying the main screen at least 5 minutes before the Game Start Time.  


What happens when the Tournament starts?  How do I find my Game Page?

When a tournament starts, it is designed to move along efficiently. You will be notified inside the Rival website when the tournament starts, a banner will appear at the bottom of your Rival page that lists your all of your current tournaments in progress.   Click the banner and select from the tournament tiles the one you want.  Click it and you will be taken directly to that Game Page.  


One minute after the Tournament starts, all games will be listed in the “BRACKET” tab.  Click on any game in the bracket, and you will be taken to that Game Page.  



On your Game Page, you will see instructions, the gamertag of your opponent, and if you are the Home Team or Away Team. The Home Team typically creates the game and send an invite, then the Away Team accepts the invite, both players pick teams, and the game starts.  Xbox players only - If you are the Home Team, Rival will automatically insert your opponent’s gamertag into your Friends list to make the invite process simpler.  When your game is over, Rival will automatically remove your opponent’s gamertag.   

My EA password is not working or is wrong

This can be remedied by the player on the EA website or from their Xbox itself. It is MUCH easier to use the EA website to update or change a password than on your Xbox itself. For EA password help please click HERE.


**Far and away the most common issues are a new player’s lack of understanding of how to use their own game console, turn on their Twitch broadcast, and send or accept an invite. Please watch the Rival How To Videos. 

How can I watch other games when I am done with my games? 

Go to the “BRACKET” tab in the tournament, find your friends game in the brackets, and click on the link to go to their Game Page.  If they are streaming, you can watch their games and wish them good luck in the chat box.   


How do I know what to use for my game settings and options?  

All game setting can be found on the tournament’s RULES tab at the top.  They will also appear in the INSTRUCTIONS pop-up when you go to your Rival Game.   Failure to match the game to match the Rival instructions may result in a forfeit.  If two players do not start their game in a timely manner and cause a delay in the event, Rival may have to randomly select a winner to move the event along. So please be on time and start your game promptly.

If I forfeit my first game, can I still play my next game?  

Yes, for any League games and Swiss style rounds.  No, for any single elimination tournaments where a loss in a round eliminates you from moving forward.    


My opponent is not responding, what do I do?  Please invite them to play through your game console anyways if possible.  If your opponent does not show up on the Rival Game Page before the forfeit clock expires, you win automatically.  

If my internet connection keeps going down, what do I do?  

Keep trying to invite and connect with your opponent.  If you cannot get your game going in the allotted time, a winner will be determined by random.  Unfortunately, this happens for no good reason sometimes.  It is not your fault, but there is nothing that Rival can do to improve your internet connection if it has problems.    

Do I enter my game’s final score into Rival’s website?  

Yes, after every game or series both players should take a picture of their final score screen, enter their final score into the Rival system, and wait for it to be finalized.   If only one person enters the score, that score will count.  Even if you won, but you did not put in your score, whatever score you opponent enters will be used as the final score.  It is a player’s responsibility to enter your own score or you lose the right to challenge the results.  For many games Rival can auto detect a game’s score to use for verification purposes in case of a challenge.  

I already played this opponent once in the Swiss portion, can we play again?  

Yes, opponents are selected at random each time.  It is ok if you play an opponent multiple times, your final records at the end of the six rounds is what matters.  

Do we play overtime if we tie?  

Yes, or a tiebreaker! For a single or double elimination tournaments or league events, you keep playing until there is a winner per the events rules dealing with ties or until a Rival Moderator says otherwise. 

No, for Swiss style or Free For All (battle royale) events.  There is no overtime after regulation time expires, these would be entered as a point total or a tie and both players receive the same amount of points. A moderator may reply with a tiebreaker option in chat.

If I have to leave and can’t finish playing, what do I do?  

Tell your opponent in your Rival Game Page chat box you have to leave and make sure to inform a moderator in chat. We will handle the rest!


What is the difference between my Game Score and my Match Score?

Your Game Score is how many points you scored or earned in one single game.  There may be multiple games in a single match. (example: game 1 you scored 4 points, game 2 you scored 10 points, game three you scored 6 points).  The total of all your game scores in a single match is your Match Score.  In this example above, 20 points would be your Match Score.      

What is the difference between my Game Result and my Match Result?

Your game result is the outcome of a single game (win, loss, tie, forfeit).  A match is either a single game in a single round, or multiple games in a single round.  Many people use the term match and game interchangeably, and for the most part that is fine.  

There may be multiple games in a match.  When all the games played in a single match are tallied the final Match Result determination is made that is Your Match Result is the final outcome of the match (win, loss, tie, forfeit)