What do I do when there is a Microsoft Xbox Live Account issue or a I receive a message saying my Xbox is not connected to Rival?

If you have changed your Microsoft account password or your Xbox Gamertag since you registered for Rival and synced your prior Xbox gamertag, then the security token Microsoft approved for Rival will have to be renewed.  

How to fix:

First step to try is refresh your browser and make sure there is not a cache issue.  If that does not clear it up move on to the steps below.

To renew your Microsoft Xbox token, simply click on the green “Connect your Xbox” button when it appears on your screen, then sign in with Microsoft again. This will link your Microsoft and Rival account again. Please do this by signing out of Rival and signing back in before you play. If you enter and start a tournament without doing so, you may not be able to play in the game.  

If that does not correct the issue, try logging into your www.xbox.com/live or www.microsoft.com account.  If you are able to login directly to the Microsoft sites, then it is an issue between Rival and Microsoft.  Please let Rival know by sending an email to support@rivalgames.com describing the issue, your Gamertag, the steps you have taken, and the results.