How to register for a TEAM’s Tournament - Summary


  1. Click on the TEAM Tournament you want to join.
  2. Click on the “JOIN TOURNAMENT” button
  3. Select from your available TEAM’s in the pop-up screen, click “NEXT”
  4. Select the players from your TEAM’s roster that will play with you in the Tournament. Note: a player must have joined the tournament's community, or the message "must join this community" will appear.  Tell the player to ADD COMMUNITY in their Rival Passport
  5. Click “JOIN TOURNAMENT” to finish. 
  6. Your TEAM will appear in the Tournament TEAMS tab


Note:  A player is the TEAM Captain for any TEAM Tournament they join.  Only the Captain can “UNREGISTER” a TEAM from a TEAM Tournament.  The Team Captain is responsible for making sure all their teammates are available to play.  The Captain must check-in if required, stream their gameplay on Twitch, go to the tournament Game Page(s), enter the Final Score(s), etc.


How to register for a TEAM’s Tournament - Details

Find and click on the TEAMS Tournament tile you wish to join.  Click on the “JOIN TOURNAMENT” button found in the Tournament banner.


Select from one of your available TEAM’s to register for the tournament, then click “NEXT” button to continue.


Click on the gamertag to select players from your TEAM’s roster and add them to the TEAMS Tournament roster.  The selected teammates will play with you in the TEAMS Tournament.  To remove a player, just click on the gamertag again and the green checkmark will be removed. When the required number of players is selected, the “JOIN TOURNAMENT” button will turn green.


After the “JOIN TOURNAMENT” button is clicked, the confirmation screen will pop-up and your Team has successfully registered for the Tournament.




Your TEAM now will appear in the Tournament “TEAMS” tab along with all the other teams that have registered to date.  The TEAM Captain for this tournament (player that joined team) is the only one that can remove the team from the tournament by clicking"MANAGE TEAM" button and then the "UNREGISTER" button.  A team can leave and rejoin a tournament if they so chose.