Rival Best Of Series – How To Enter Series Results 





When playing in a Best Of Series each player or each Team's captain is required to enter the series results AFTER completely finishing the series gameplay. This means in a Best of 3 series, the players will finish at least two games on their consoles, and a third game if needed. After completing the series, click the "ENTER SERIES RESULTS" button on the Rival Game Page and submit the series results. In the case of a forfeit, no entry is required.


There is no requirement to enter each game's final score by itself.  This means a single game's score, such as 65-59, is NOT ever entered. However, please take a picture of each game's final score screen on your console in case of a dispute. 


Example of a Best OF” 3 Series Score report :

Rival Demo 5 won 1 game in the series  

PSDEMO126 Team NBA2k21 won 2 games in the series 



Best Of” Series can be scheduled and played by using the following formats: 

  • Best of 3 

  • Best of 5 

  • Best of 7 


It is important to note that while competing in a tournament on the Rival platform, it is possible to change from one gameplay format to a different format.  This includes from one Best Of # format to another Best Of # format.  A new Stage is automatically created within the tournament for each gameplay format change. The tournament brackets continue and the only change is the requirement of how many games must be played for the new Stage.  See the below example of multiple format changes within a single tournament. 


Rounds 1–4 Single Elimination format (1 game) 

Semi-Finals – Best of 3 format 

Finals – Best of 5 format 


If the series results entered do not match, the Rival Challenge process is initiated. 

Rival screenshot examples:

Click on the "ENTER SERIES RESULTS" button when series game play is completed.

That brings up the pop-up below to enter the games won by each team.