Rival Platform - Communications, Data, & Security 

Plans & Procedures

rev 17.121020


A top priority for Rival is the protection and privacy of any personal data that Rival receives and or collects from its community members.  We know that our community members, clients, and partners all care deeply about privacy and data security.


Rival values the trust that you have shown in us by being a member of our partner’s communities.  Maintaining that trust is an ongoing commitment. Rival will continue to inform you of the privacy and data security policies, practices, and technologies we have put in place to protect your Rival account information.   Rival is intentional in its decision to collect only the required personal information from its communities.      



Policies And Procedures

  • Rival will send you emails and in-app notifications relating to Rival’s tournaments, events, offers, leagues, rewards, prizing, points, and more.  Rival’s preferred communication channels are email and in-app messaging. This allows for efficient and intentionally non-intrusive communications between Rival and its community members.  
  • You have the right to unsubscribe at any time from Rival’s email communications.  This may be accomplished via an email to unsubscribe@rivalgames.com or if applicable on your Rival account webpage.
  • Certain Rival communities may also allow you to opt-in for text message notifications for specific purposes, such as “Your tournament is starting in 15 minutes” or to verify your identity for the processing of any prizes you have won.
  • You have the right to unsubscribe at any time from Rival’s business associate’s email communications.  This may be accomplished via an email to unsubscribe@rivalgames.com or if applicable on your Rival account page.
  • You have the right to deactivate your Rival account at any time.  This may be accomplished by sending an email to support@rivalgames.com or on your Rival account webpage.   
  • You have the right to request Rival deletes your personal information and data, please email the complete Rival Erasure Form to erasurerequest@rivalgames.com
  • Rival will never send you an email requesting your Rival account username, password, or any other Rival account information.
  • Rival requires all clients to create a unique alphanumeric password to log on to the platform. Your Rival password is immediately encrypted, and Rival employees do not have access to your password.  There is no way to recover it if forgotten.  The only option is to change it following the “lost password” process.
  • Access to protected client information is limited to the “Least Privilege Access” security approach and access is secured.
  • Rival allows you to link your Rival account with your account with other third-party companies such as Microsoft and Twitch.  Rival should never be given, nor does the Rival platform have or require access to your password(s) for any third-party account.


Rival Platform – Security and Data Storage

  • We utilize advanced firewalls to keep unauthorized parties from gaining access to your personal information, as well as technology to alert us to unusual behavior.
  • Firewalls are in place to keep our public web servers separate from the database servers that contain your Rival account information and other personal data, not allowing access directly from the Internet.
  • All database server communications are performed behind a firewall on a private, IP restricted, LAN network.  
  • Our secure websites utilize Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure to provide secure communications between our sites and your computer.
  • Rival utilizes both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.  Rival’s encrypted data storage and security are augmented by our vendors' inherent network security and resiliency. 
  • Rival uses the same security and encryption methodology on both its primary active database serves as it does it redundant or archival data storage servers. Data is stored both within multiple diverse physical locations within the U.S.A. as required by Rival’s Disaster Recovery Plan. 


Data Sharing

When Rival receives or shares personal data with another Party, it shall ensure that it fully complies with the provisions of all applicable Data Protection laws and only deals with the data in compliance to fulfil its business objectives and or fulfil its contractual obligations.  If applicable, where required by relevant and applicable laws or regulations, both Parties will enter into a separate Data Processing Agreement.

Report A Security Issue

If you believe you have found a vulnerability on the Rival platform or service, please let us know by sending an email to the address below. Rival does not grant permission to hack, penetrate, or adversely impact Rival’s software or systems in any way. Rival maintains all rights and claims with respect to any illegal or tortious activities. 


Please include in the email as much detail regarding the nature of the identified issue, including:

  • A description of the nature of the risk identified
  • Steps to follow to reproduce the vulnerability
  • Screenshots
  • email security@rivalgames.com