FIFA 21 Ultimate Team PlayStation - Friendlies - Classic Match Invitation


The first step is to add your Rival opponent’s PSN ID to your PlayStation’s Friends list. 

From the FIFA home screen, move to the “PLAY” menu option, then select the “ULTIMATE TEAM” box.  Once on the FUT HUB Page, move to and click on the “PLAY” box.  Then select the “FRIENDLIES” box.


(:28) From the “WAYS TO PLAY” page, click on the “PLAY A FRIEND” box.  Select your Rival opponent’s PSN ID from the “Select Friend” area. If it is not there, you will need to add it.     


The next page has boxes along the bottom of the screen for different gameplay options.

On your PS controller, use the left trigger (L2) to bring up the “Settings” menu:   Half Length: 6 Min by default, Difficulty Level: (Beginner, Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professional, World Class, Legendary), Game Speed: (Normal, Fast, Slow) and more.

(:52) After you have matched your game settings to mirror the Rival tournament game setting instructions, move all the way to the right, and click on the “Classic Match” box.  


(1:02) From the Squad page, you are able to “Edit Lineup”, “Go to Squad Selector” or when ready click “Invite” your opponent. (*Before you start make sure your Ultimate Team has no missing positions/concept players in your squad)

From the “Invite Players” screen click on “Send Invitation” to invite your opponent.


(1:21) Once your opponent accepts your invitation and arrives on the “CLASSIC MATCH” screen, click X.  After both players have selected their jerseys, the game will automatically start.  


After your game, please remember to remove your opponent’s PSN ID from your Friends list.


Good Luck!