All players must go to their Rival Game Page when a new round has started.  The Game Page has your opponent's gamertag information, shows both player's broadcast streams, lists who should send the invitation, has a game chat box to communicate with your opponent, and lets the Rival Moderators know you are ready to play.  If you do not go to your Game Page, you will automatically lose your game when the forfeit clock expires.  

About one minute after your Tournament Start Time, the brackets will be created for all eligible players and will appear on the BRACKET tab.   At that time, a big pop-up window will appear in the center of your Rival screen.  Please click on the GO TO GAME button to be taken directly to your Rival Game Page.  You will also receive a message in your notification center that you can click on as well.

A blue banner will also appear at the bottom of your Rival screen and it will remain there while you are in an active tournament.  

Open the banner, and click on a game tile to be taken to your Tournament and your active Rival Game Page at any time during the tournament.

Any player that does not go to their Rival Game Page for each round will automatically lose their game!  There is no appeal if you forfeit.  Arriving on your Game Page automatically readies you up and stops your forfeit timer.  You will also see if and when your opponent arrives as they will show "Ready" also.  Refresh your screen as needed.  Use the chatbox to communicate with your opponent and with a Rival Moderator.

-Rival Game Page Example (Full Screen)

Rival Game Page Example (Mobile View)

Rival Bracket Example