Rocket League Xbox – How to Create A Game (Private Match)

From the Rocket League start screen, press “A” on the “PLAY” option. This brings up the “PLAY” menu. Navigate to and select the “CUSTOM GAMES” box. From the “CUSTOM GAMES” screen, move to and select the “PRIVATE MATCH” box and then select “CREATE PRIVATE MATCH”


This takes you to the “PRIVATE MATCH” settings screen. First select “MUTATOR SETTINGS” and mirror these to the Rival game settings.  When done, press the “B” button to return to the “PRIVATE MATCH” screen.


Here, you can choose from the optional “TEAM SETTINGS” if you wish to customize your team name and car designs. 


Next mirror the Rival Settings for:  Game Mode, Arena, Team Size, Bot Difficulty, Region, and Joinable By.  Once all the applicable settings have been completed, scroll down and click on “CREATE MATCH”. 


In the “CREATE PRIVATE MATCH” pop up type in a custom Name and Password for your game before clicking the “CREATE MATCH” button.  From the “CHOOSE TEAM” screen you can either select a team color or click “AUTO” for a random color selection.  


Back on the Rival platform, in your Game Page chat box, type in the Rocket League Game Name and Password so your opponent can locate and join your game.  Once your opponent selects their team color, the game automatically will begin.


Good Luck!