Rival Tournament Overview



When you login to Rival, you will always begin on your Dashboard.


In the “GAME CENTER” section, click on the “MY TOURNAMENT” tab.   This lists all of the Rival tournaments in which you are currently registered.


Click on a Tournament to go to that specific tournament’s Page.   Here you will find all of the relevant information for this tournament.


(:22) The tournament page banner contains the tournament’s title, a countdown clock to the tournament’ start time, the REGISTER button to join the tournament, the current number of players registered, and more.   This is also where the CHECK-IN button appears at the beginning of the scheduled check-in period.


(:40) The tournament menu bar contains: OVERVIEW, BRACKET, PLAYERS, RULES, CHAT, and INSTRUCTIONS.


The Overview page has tournament description, the tournament lobby Chat box, Prizing details, and the Schedule box.  The Schedule box lists all of important date and time information, including the Check-in period, Stage and Round start times.   Many Rival tournaments are multi-stage or multi-day events.


(1:12) The BRACKETs appear approximately one minute after the tournament starts.  The bracket page shows all of the game matchups for the current round.  After a game is completed and the players have entered the results, the bracket will automatically update to reflect the scores and winner.  You can also click on a game currently in progress to watch the player’s broadcast stream live.


(1:35) The “Players” page lists the gamertag for all players currently registered to compete in the tournament.  For check-in required tournaments, an indicator across from each gamertag indicates whether a player has checked in or not.  The indicator will turn green immediately once a player clicks the Check-In button.  Anyone that fails to check-in when required, will not be included in the tournament bracket.


(1:57) The RULES page allows each player to view and read the entire set of rules pertaining to this specific tournament.  On this page any custom gameplay requirements will be found, along with the Rival game setting for all rounds of the tournament.


Good Luck!