First Time Using Rival Basic Overview

Rev 1.12.22

If you have not played using the Rival platform before, it is simple. You play your games online with your console, PC, or mobile device as always and enter your results in Rival.  For console play, you must have a valid and active online account such as Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus. There are many different types and formats available on Rival for tournaments, leagues, and 1v1 play.  The exact Rival instructions are slightly different for each specific type of event, such as elimination style, free for all, series, Team vs Team, etc.  Depending on the type and format of your tournament, Rival will create a bracket or player list at Tournament start time for all eligible players.    

The majority of Rival events require you to confirm you are online and available to play by CHECKING IN on the Rival tournament page. Check in usually opens one hour before the tournament begins and ends when the tournament starts.  To check in, simply click the big green CHECK IN button at the top of the tournament page. Any player who fails to check-in during the check in period will NOT be placed in the bracket. This provides for the best possible player experience by eliminating no shows.  The tournament's eligible players list or the tournament bracket will be published shortly after the tournament starts.

Elimination Format Tournaments.

Once your event starts, the tournament bracket will appear in the BRACKET tab.  A one time blue pop-up will appear in the middle of your Rival screen every time you have a new match is ready to play. In addition, a blue banner will appear and remain on the bottom of your Rival screen (desktop or mobile). You must either click on the pop-up, or the blue banner and click the tile for this tournament to be taken to your “Personal Match Page.” Here you will will see your opponent’s gamertag or ID and who is the Home Team.  Depending on the game title, an invite is sent through your console, or use the match chat box to exchange match joining related information.  You MUST go to this page within 15 minutes of each match being ready or you will be forfeit. You will also submit your FINAL GAME SCORE on each personal match page after each match is complete. When your next opponent is available, your next match will begin.  The forfeit timer is normally 15 minutes and the countdown clock starts when your match is ready to play.

The Home team (specified on your match page) should try to send the game invite first, however either player may send the invite if needed. You play the match on your game console, PC, or mobile device as appropriate. After a match is finished, Rival recommends you always take a picture of your final score screen in case opposing scores are entered and a moderator has to dispute the challenge.

If you are in a single-elimination tournament and you win, you move on. If you lost, thank you for playing, and hope to see you soon!  Double elimination tournaments continue until you have lost twice or win the tournament finals.

Note: For Xbox players only, your opponent's gamertag should automatically appear in your Xbox friends list to make it easier to invite.  It should also automatically be removed after the game is completed. If it does not appear, please add them manually and send the invite.


Free For All (Battle Royale) Events

Free for all events (FFA) come in many different type and with numerous methods of scoring.  Please check the DETAILS tab of your event or tournament for the specifics.  The most common FFA format is a play window for each round scheduled.  A play window allows all participants a specific amount of time to play, take pictures or screen shots of their results, and submit them to Rival.  The person with the highest verified overall score total wins that round. If there is only one round in the tournament or event, the highest score in the only round is the winner.  Ties do occur in FFA events, see the DETAILS tab for how a tiebreaker works for your specific event.  

This in an overview of what to expect when playing on Rival, please see other articles with screen shot or Rival videos for more details.

Good Luck!