rev 4 3 2021

Apex Legends allows for cross-platform play with your friends on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC (EA Desktop). The cross-play setting is automatically turned on as a default setting.  If it is not for some reason go to Lobby-> Cogwheel-> Settings-> Cross Platform Play-> Click Enabled to turn it on.

Cross-platform play (Cross-play) for Apex Legends is currently supported on the following platforms: Origin, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, & Nintendo Switch.

Adding Friends To Play

Go to the FRIENDS menu-> Click FIND FRIEND-> Once found, Invite.

Your friend will get an invite where they can accept, reject, or block your request. Once they accept your request, you can play duos or triples together like normal. When you’re in the FRIENDS menu, you can also see what platform each of your friends is playing on based on the icon next to their name.

Joining a Match

General Information

Apex Legends matches consist of 60 players (20 three-player squads or 30 two-player squads) fighting for survival. Only one team will be left standing at the end of each match.