rev 4/15/21

VALORANT is a Riot Games title that can only be played on PC currently.  

VALORANT is a tactical shooter that sees you and 4 teammates square up against 5 other players in a firefight.  VALORANT isn't just about your gun skills. You'll need to utilize unique abilities, strategy, and finesse to outwit (and outstyle) your opponents, all while planting or defusing a Spike threatening to erupt.

How To Create A Match (5v5)

The Hone Team on the platform should create the game lobby and add their opponents to the lobby. Please make sure to have enough room on your friend's list before the matches start. This is so that you can add your opponents in-game.  In a best of series, the Home Team selects the first map, then Away Team selects the next map, and it continues to alternate until the win requirement is met. 

Add your opponent as a friend within Valorant. To do this, select the Add Friend button and add your opponent using their Riot ID and Tag Line. You can find their Riot ID and TagLine on the platform right below their names.

To invite your opponent, right-click your opponent's name in the friend’s list and click on the "Invite" button.

General Instructions

  • Click PLAY on the top menu
  • Select Custom game
  • Select Map (Ascent, Split, Bind, Icebox, Haven)
  • The server will be autoselected for you based on proximity, may be changed
  • CUSTOM GAME OPTIONS:  ON or Off (Allow Cheats, Tournament Mode, Overtime: Win By Two, Play Out All Rounds, Hide Match History)
  • MODE: (Standard, Deathmatch, Escalation, Spike Rush)
  • Click Start to begin the game.

Rival's Standard Default Game Settings

  • Mode: Standard
  • Server: Regional based selection
  • Allow Cheats: Off
  • Tournament Mode: 
  • Overtime Win By Two: On
  • Lobby privacy: Closed
  • Observers: Allowed (for Tournament Staff or official casters only)


The team invited to the game must verify that their opponent has configured the game to mirror the Rival setting for the event.  Inside the custom game room, you can view the game's configuration to verify that it is correct.  If it does not match the Rival tournament rule settings, you should leave the room and notify your opponent to create the game as specified.  If you accept a game that does not match the Rival settings and play, then the results of the match will stand and there is no appeal.  


Home Team Instructions


  1. Home team finds opponent’s RIOT ID/TAGLINE
  2. Home team SEND FRIEND request, once accepted
  3. Home team Invites Opponent to PARTY
  4. Select CUSTOM GAME (far right)
  5. Mirror the Rival game settings below
  6. Enter Final Score when ROUND WIN LIMIT met



Away Team Instructions:


  1. Accept Your Opponent’s FRIEND REQUEST
  2. Accept Invite to PARTY
  3. Enter Final Score when ROUND WIN LIMIT met