Congratulations on becoming a member of the Rival community.  We're so happy you’re here! 


As you get started, here are a few pieces of information you may find useful:  


Basic Rival Overview for First Time Users 


Rival Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs 


Rival Passport - Connect all your accounts in one place 


At this point, you may be asking 'how can I start playing'?  We're excited for you to join tournaments and start earning Rival Points and prizing!  Below is some helpful info:

Visit a Community's Game Center:   Don’t miss your chance to join the action! Stay up to date with the latest and greatest organization activities and prizes!  Visit a Community and click on the Game Center tab to view upcoming tournaments and join the fun!

As you may have noticed when viewing your Passport, Rival supports game play with your Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Nintendo Switch.  The most popular among players remains Xbox and PlayStation and here are some helpful tips for each:


Xbox Games & Instructions 


PlayStation Games & Instructions 

Now that you're ready for the fun to begin, please see these helpful tips for Tournament play.  Best of luck as you compete to earn prizing and climb the Leaderboard!

Rival Tournament Play Overview 


How to Check In For A Tournament 

Rival Tournament Starts - How Do I Find My Rival Game Page? 

Rival - Score Verification and Challenge

For all other inquiries not answered by reviewing Rival Support , please drop an email to and we'll be sure to respond.  Thanks for playing!