The easiest way to change from one community to another is to click on your player icon on the top right side of your screen when you are logged into any community.  This will cause the slide-out menu to appear from the right.  Here you will find all communities of which you are a member.  Just click on one of your community Logos and you will be instantly changed into the community you selected.  To change again, just repeat the process. 

Note: You should not have to refresh the page or log back in when you change communities, but occasionally that may happen for security reasons depending on the browser you are using.  

Another way, not as fast, or as simple, but you could go to click on the Find A Community button, and all communities that are available to you will appear.   You can click on the Logo / Name and be taken into that community.   

If you have any issues or questions on the above, please let us know!

Thanks for being a Rival Member!