Congratulations on winning a cash prize!  Now for the not quite as fun part.  The Tax Man.

The current U.S. tax law requires Rival to submit a completed 1099-MISC form for each individual winning $600 (USD)or more during a calendar year. Many countries and or governments have different thresholds and reporting requirements. To ensure that Rival is in compliance with any and all applicable laws regardless of an individual's jurisdiction, Rival requires all event and tournament winners earning $500 (USD) or more in cash or cash equivalent, must complete and submit the form prior to payout.

If you win a cash prize on Rival, regardless of your country of residence, please complete the attached 1099-MISC form and send it as an attachment to  This is the information that Rival will need to submit like forms for other taxing authorities as well.  Please complete the 'RECIPIENT'S TIN' field, which is your Social Security number (NIN #, or other), and the 'RECIPIENT'S name', 'Street Address', 'City or Town, state or province, country, and ZIP or foreign postal code' fields before submitting.  

If you have any questions please email Thanks for playing! Keep Winning!