FIFA 22 Xbox - How to Send An Invite to Play A Match 


Note:  To launch the FIFA game on your Xbox press the glowing Xbox logo button on your controller. This will bring up the Xbox menu. Use the left stick to scroll down to “My games & apps” and press the “A”. Press the “A” button on “See All”. This will bring you to the “Games” page where you can use the left stick to scroll over to the FIFA game, press “A” to start it. 

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From the FIFA “Home” use your left stick to navigate to the ”PLAY” menu option and press the "A" button to select.

Move to the "QUICKPLAY MODES" menu box and press the "A" button to select.

Move to and select the “ONLINE FRIENDLIES” box by pressing the "A" button.  

From the “ONLINE FRIENDLIES” page, select “NEW FRIENDLY SEASON” and press the "A" button.

(:25) This brings up the “FRIENDS” page.  Find and select your Opponent’s Gamertag. If your Opponent’s gamer tag is not already there, you will need to add it (See Add Friend) Once your Opponent's Gamertag appears in the "FRIENDS" list, move to their Gamertag and press the "A"

(:42) Once you select your opponent, you are brought to the “ONLINE FRIENDLIES” invite page to customize your game settings: Half Length (6 min - 8 min), Controls (Any, Manual, Semi-Assisted), Game Speed (Normal, Fast, Slow), and Squad Type (Online, 90 Overall, Custom). Match these settings to the tournament's game settings provided. Once the settings all match the specified tournament settings, go to the "INVITE" on the top left and press "A" to send your Opponent an invite.  

(1:09) Once you have sent the invite you will be taken to the Team Select screen. On this screen you. Can use the left stick to cycle through teams, countries, and leagues. Once you have chosen your team press the “A” button to confirm your selection.

(1:30) After your opponent has confirmed their team selection, you will both be taken to the jersey select screen. Use the left stick to cycle through jerseys, and press the “A” button on your jersey of choice to confirm your selection.

(1:45) You will then be taken to the “MATCH PREVIEW” screen. From here you are able to manage your team and change your controller settings. Once you have adjusted the settings to your liking, move to the “PLAY MATCH” menu box and press the "A" button. 

Once you and your opponent have confirmed that you are both ready your match will begin.


Good luck!

Xbox Console Steps:  Play-> Quick Play Modes -> Online Friendlies -> New Friendly Season -> Select Rival Opponent and Invite -> Mirror Rival Tournament Match Settings -> Select Team -> Select Jersey -> Customize Optional Settings -> Play Match -> Both Players Ready -> Match Starts