Madden 22 Xbox:  How To Send An Invitation To Play A Game

To invite an opponent to play against you in Madden, you must first launch Madden on your Xbox. Once you are in Madden, navigate to the “Exhibition” menu item. Select this by pressing the “A” button.  


(:21) Next, move to and select the “Online Head to Head” option. You will be taken to the “ONLINE HUB” menu. Now move to and select the “PLAY A FRIEND” box. The "INVITE TO GAME" menu will appear, displaying a list of your Xbox friends. If a friend is online currently, a green circle appears to the left of their Gamertag. A red circle means your friend is not online. 


(:44) When playing in a Rival match, Rival automatically inserts your opponent’s Xbox Gamertag into your "Friends" list. Rival automatically removes it again after your Rival game. You will receive a notification from Rival on the Rival site with the Gamertag you have been matched against for your next Rival game. You can also find your opponent’s Gamertag on your mobile device or on your Rival dashboard when logged into the Rival Games website.  


(1:10) Move to and select your Rival opponent’s Gamertag from your Friends list by pressing the "A" button. Their Xbox Gamertag will now appear on the right side of the screen, under “Friends to Invite”. Now you are ready to Create a Game press the “Menu button”. The menu button has three horizontal lines on it. This is a smaller button located below the Xbox logo button. This brings you to the “Create Game” screen and allows you to customize your game settings.  


(1:42) Each Rival match has specific instructions for the game's settings and can be found on your Rival tournament page or your Rival Match Page.  Use the left joystick to toggle options on and off to select and match your game options to the Rival match settings. Once your screen options mirror the Rival instructions for the game settings, press “A”. This sends an invite to your Rival opponent’s Xbox for them to accept and start your game.  


(2:10) Once on the “Team Select” screen, choose your team, jerseys, and plays. To select a team, move the left stick up and down. This cycles through all available teams. Stop on your team of choice and press “A” to confirm your team selection. This brings up a menu where you can customize play calling, playbooks, team jerseys, and more. Use the left stick on your controller to cycle through your customization options. Once you have customized your team, move back to the “Ready” line on the menu, and press “A”. 


When your opponent is finished with their team setup as well, your game will load and automatically start.  


Good Luck!