MADDEN 22 PlayStation:  How To Accept An Invitation To Play

With the Madden game open on your PlayStation, a notification will appear at the top left of your screen from your opponent inviting you to play a game. The notification will only stay up for approximately five seconds. 

To accept the invite, tap and the PlayStation logo button on your controller to bring up the “Invitation” screen. To accept your opponent’s invitation, press “X” on the “Join” box at the bottom left of your screen. 

(:40) If you missed the invite notification don’t worry, you can still join your Rival game.  To find the invite, go to the main menu by pressing the PlayStation logo button. From here, move up to the “Notifications” menu and press “X”. Using the left stick, move to your missed invite. Select the invite from your Rival opponent by clicking “X”. Now accept the game invite by clicking on the “Join” box on the bottom left of the screen. 

(1:20) This will bring up the “Online / Team Select” screen. From this screen, you select your team and set your team preferences. Once on the “Team Select” screen, choose your team, jerseys, and plays. To select a team, move the left stick up or down. This cycles through all available teams. 

(1:40) Stop on your team of choice and press “X” to confirm your team selection. This brings up the menu where you customize your play calling, playbooks, team jerseys, and more. Use the left stick on your controller to cycle through your customization options. Once you have finished customizing your team, move back to the “Ready” line on the menu, and press “X”. 

When your opponent is finished with their team setup as well, your game will load and automatically start.


Good Luck!