Creating a Team and Joining a Tournament: 

  • Instructions for Teams can be found here -  
  • All members of your Team MUST have joined the NBA 2K League community on Rival. To join, click the "ADD COMMUNITY" button in your Rival PASSPORT and select "NBA 2K League".  
  • When you Invite a player to join your Team, the player MUST click to accept the invitation to be placed on the Team's roster. Invites are found in their Rival notifications (bell icon on top right of your Rival screen).  
  • They must accept the Team invite or they will not be available to add to your tournament roster when registering your Team for the Tournament. However, you can always swap out players before the tournament starts. 
  • Each Qualifier posted by the League has a residency requirement.  The rules specifically state whether the Qualifier is, for example, for residents of the United States and Canada, or specific European countries, or specific countries in the Asia-Pacific region.  All players on a team roster must comply with the residency requirements or your team will be removed from the tournament. 
  • All players on a team MUST read the Rules and click to Accept the Rules on your Tournament page. To confirm you have read and accepted them, click "Accept Rules" next to the registration button on the Tournament page.   
  • To see if your Team has accepted the rules, click on the Teams tab on the Tournament page and look to see if there’s a green check mark or red X next to your Team name.  If there’s a red X, click on the Team name to see which players on your roster have NOT accepted the rules. 
  • Team Captains will be given a warning via email if their team has not accepted the rules, and when registration closes if your team has not fully accepted the rules you will be removed from the tournament prior to the release of the bracket. 
  • Per the tournament’s Official Rules, players must satisfy the NBA 2K League’s applicable vaccination requirement to advance from any Qualifying Event to the SLAM OPEN. Players who qualify should anticipate being required to be fully vaccinated and should expect to be required to demonstrate compliance by the completion of the Qualifying Event. TO MINIMIZE THE RISK OF BEING DISQUALFIED FROM A QUALIFYING EVENT, PLAYERS SHOULD TAKE STEPS TO SATISFY THIS REQUIREMENT NOW. Refer to the full Official Rules for more information.


Utilizing Discord: 

  • ALL TEAM CAPTAINS, please join the NBA 2K League Discord ( ) and select a role. After you've selected a role, please change your nickname to "Name (TEAM NAME)". If you'd like, you can schedule your matches there or DM the other Team Captain once your opponent is known. 
  • All screenshots and scores MUST be submitted on Rival BEFORE the play window ends. Team Captains should also upload their final game score SS's when submitting your scores on your game pages AND the #playstation-ss or #xbox-ss channels in Discord throughout ALL rounds for verification purposes. 
  • The official rules for this tournament will be pinned in the #tournament-information channel. If you have any questions, please read through the rules first before pinging an Admin.


Tournament Play: 

  • Each Qualifier will be played as single elimination, with each round before the finals a Best of 3 series and the finals on each console a Best of 5 series.  Please do not enter the final score until the series is completed.  Scores should be entered, for example, 2-0 or 2-1. 
  • For any Qualifier, the bracket for Round 1 will be published within a minute of the tournament start time and all brackets are randomized. 
  • If your team receives a BYE for Round 1 in the bracket (visit the 'BRACKET' tab on the tournament page upon start), you will automatically advance to Round 2 and will need to play your match with your Round 2 opponent.  Once your Round 2 opponent is known, feel free to schedule and play your match. 
  • Each Round will have a minimum 22 HOUR PLAY WINDOW, prior to the semifinals. You may schedule and play your match with your opponent ANY TIME BEFORE the play window ends.  It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to schedule your match with your opponent for each round.  Failure to play your match in the allotted time will result in a forfeit.  
  • All teams' Pro-Am Team names within NBA 2K22 MUST match your team name listed on the Rival site (for verification purposes via box scores). If you do not input the correct team name, you risk a FF for that round. 
  • All teams must use blank/default jerseys/outfits. 
  • All teams must use a blank/default court with no logos. 
  • Streaming is required in the semis and finals for AT LEAST 1 person on your team. Stream links MUST be posted in the #twitch-links-all-teams channel in Discord prior to the semifinals and finals start time.