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The instructions below outline the required actions and processes for creating, managing, joining, and playing in Team Tournaments on the Rival platform.

The person that creates a Rival Team, is that team’s “Manager” and has complete control of the Team’s roster.  All Team members must have their own Rival account. The Team Manager sends out invitations to join the Team by searching for their friends gamertag. Once a player accepts the team invite, they are immediately available on the team roster to join tournaments.   


Create New Team & Invite Team Members:  

  • Select “TEAMS” from your right side drop-down account menu.  Click on the “Create a Team” button, and follow each page’s instructions. 
  • To add team members to the new Team’s roster, use the search box, enter their gamertag(s), find and click the gamertag to add them to the new Team’s roster, when done click SEND INVITES to create the Team. 
  • When finished creating a new Team, Rival automatically sends each gamertag selected an invitation to join the Team. 
  • An invited player MUST click to accept an invitation to be placed on a teams roster (found in their notifications - the bell icon on top right on their Rival screen).   
  • A team member may leave a Team’s roster by clicking the “Leave Team” button. (if not currently in a tournament)
  • Keep in mind that if you are trying to register for a teams tournament as a Team Captain, all players on your roster must be members of the community that is putting on the tournament.  Players can add the community in their Rival Passport.  
  • Click here for screenshots and more detailed instructions.

Register for a Team Tournament:

  • Any Team member, not just the Team Manager, may join a Team Tournament by clicking on the Tournament’s “Join Tournament” button. This team member will be the “Team Captain” for that Tournament.   
  • The Captain picks who will play in the Tournament from the “Select Players” pop-up of the Team’s roster. Those selected players will play and comprise the “Tournament Roster”. The Team Captain is responsible for the Team for the entire tournament.   
  • Team Captains may replace one team member for another on the Tournament roster but must maintain the required minimum number of players. 
  • Click here for screenshots and more detailed instructions.

Manage an Existing Team:

  • From the “My Teams” Page, select a Team (you must be the Team Manager), then click on "MANAGE" button.  From here, the Team Manager can add new players (send invites), remove current players from the Team roster edit the team bio and favorite game titles, and accept/deny any pending requests to join the Team.  

Accept an Invite to join a Team:

  • All Team invites are listed in the Rival Notifications Center (bell icon) on the top right of their Rival page. Either accept or decline an invitation to join a TEAM. Once accepted, the player is immediately on the Team's active roster.
  • Players may leave a Team’s roster at any time they are not playing in a Teams Tournament.  

Unregister From a Team Tournament: 

  • The Team Captain clicks the “Unregister” button on the Tournament’s main page or on the Team Tournament roster page.  This removes the entire Team from the Tournament.

Managing A Tournament Roster:

  • Before a tournament starts, the Team Captain is able to remove, add, or replace players on the tournament roster with other players that are already on the TEAM's main roster.  Click on the "Manage Team" button on the Tournament page and follow the on-screen instructions.  Click here for screenshots and more detailed instructions.

Tournament Team Captain’s Responsibilities:

  • Registration: Joining tournament and paying any entry fees required. 
  • Management:  Manage the Team’s Tournament roster, coordinate with Tournament team members, ensure all Team members are available and ready to play in accordance with the Tournament Schedule.
  • Check-in:  Clicking the “Check-In” button on the Tournament main page during the check-in window. This checks-in the entire Team's Tournament roster. 
  • Match/Game Page:  Captain MUST go to each Rival Game Page for each game of the tournament.  Failure to do so will result in an automatic and irreversible forfeit.  For games with an open “time window for play”, the Captain MUST click the “Click When Ready” green button on the Game Page before they start playing each game on their console.
  • Broadcast on Twitch: The Captain’s stream will play on the Game Page.
  • Game Play:  Captain is responsible for coordinating with and playing the opponent listed on their Game Page.  All game play is done on the Team member’s game consoles.  
  • Picture: Take a picture of your games final score. In case you and your opponent’s score entries do not match, it will be uploaded as proof in the Challenge Score screen pop-up.    
  • Enter Final Score:  Once a game is over, click the “ENTER FINAL SCORE” button on the Game Page.  Enter both your Team’s score and your opponent’s score.  Failure to enter scores may result in an automatic loss. Remain on the Game Page to confirm your opponent’s score entries match and game completes.  You will receive a pop-up notification upon game finalization. 
  • Failure to do any of the above items may result in an automatic forfeit.


Team Members (not the Captain) Responsibilities on the Rival Platform:

  • IF the tournament requires all players on a tournament roster to individually confirm that they have read and accept the tournament rules, then each player must click the "ACCEPT RULES" button in the tournament banner.  
  • Team members are not required to login to the Rival Platform during the tournament to participate in the Team Tournament. Only the Captain must check in, be logged in and on the Rival mach pages or the team will forfeit the match.  The Team Captain also enters the final scores on the Rival match page. 
  • It is recommended that all team members broadcast their games on Twitch.  This provides video proof of gameplay in case it is ever needed.